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BOOK - Wicca Nature Magic (RRP22.99)


  • BOOK - Wicca Nature Magic (RRP22.99)
  • Lisa Chamberlain shows you how to harness nature energies to enhance and improve your life â�?��?? whether youâ�?��?�re well versed in other forms of magic but are just discovering nature magic, or are new to magic altogether. For most Witches, nature is the most sacred earthly manifestation â�?��?? the practice of nature magic has endless potential. Bestselling author Lisa Chamberlain covers how nature was harnessed in ritual and magic by our pagan ancestors; the significance of trees and other plants to Wiccan cosmology and ritual practice; advice for forging (and deepening) personal magical connections with trees near you; profiles of 13 common magical trees and key flowers and plants â�?��?? their lore, energetic properties, and magical uses; nature spirits; how to safely and respectfully harvest magical ingredients from nature; ideas for making your own wand; nature magic spells, meditations, rituals, and more.



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